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Surf Lessons

Surfing is hard, really HARD...but nothing worth having is easy.  And surfing is worth it! REALLY worth it.  Unlike other board sports you only get a few seconds on a wave and only a few waves per session, so it's imperative to either GO A LOT, or, maximize your learning curve.  That's where we can help.  We teach Kids, adults, inner-kids, beginners, intermediates, weekend warriors, ALL are welcome! 

At Zuma Surf, we believe that if you understand the conditions not only will you surf safe, happy, and successfully, you will advance faster and farther.  We focus on all aspects of the water from conditional awareness and self rescue, to ecological and environnmental concerns so that you can be self sufficient, calm and collect, and help us all preserve our most valuable resource. 

Break Down

Suit up

Safety talk

Surfy talk

Pop up break down


We Provide

2 hour personally tailored lesson

1:1 Instruction


Surf Board

What to Bring




Bathing suit

A Smile!

"If you are smiling you are doing it right!" 

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