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Ocean Swimming

Are you signed up for the Nautica Malibu Triathlon or need help training for an ocean swim? Tired of getting pounded by waves while swimming? Maybe a bit freaked out by the thought of diving or swimming under a big wave, or just intimidated by the unknowns of the ocean? With a little practice, we’ll help you learn how to swim WITH the ocean and not feel like you’re constantly fighting against the waves and currents. 

In the ocean there is no pause button, no "time outs", no rewind, NO DO OVERS. That's why we focus on conditional awareness, including tides, surf size and frequency, and currents.  So that even a novice ocean swimmer can compete or complete with confidence and an edge.  If you "know before you go", you can use the conditions to your advantage, change your game plan up accordingly, or make the right call to call it off.   

What to Expect

30 min Safety talk

Proper entry 

Proper egress 

Stroke modifcations

Distance swim

1:1 custom tailored lesson

What to Bring




Goggles (if you have)

Personal tri-wetsuit (if you have)

A Smile

What we Provide

1:1 lesson




Certified Ocean Lifeguard

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